Veronica Thoms

Company Director at Spark Fiji Real Estate

I am the Director of Spark. I grew up and was educated in Nadi and Suva. I am a mum of 3 and sit on several boards. My first foray into real estate was at 22 when with 2 other shareholders we bought a 2 flat property in Wellington, NZ, as an investment. So I know how you get hooked into investing in real estate as I continued to invest in rental properties. I moved out of the NZ property market after 30 years.

Along with 1 other shareholder I owned and ran an export company in Fiji before venturing into real estate sales. After several years in the industry it seemed like it was time to apply for my own Real Estate Licence and run the sort of real estate company I would like. I have been a property investor, I have been a landlady, I have handed my properties over to property managers, this gives me a good understanding of the market and what it is like to be the client. I understand people are busy so we try to listen to what you want and work with you, and take a lot of the work off you.

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